A legend tells the story about a young boy who embarked on a journey to save mankind from evil. With his magnificant powers, only beaten by the goodness of his heart, he banished the evil back to the darkness it once rose from.

The young boy was celebrated throughout the land and the legend was remembered for centuries. But as with all legends, time takes it's place in history and the legend slowly faded away.

But time flows like a river... and history repeats.


Spirit of Gaia is a RPG game that can be played in almost every browser. The main source of influence comes from the great classical console RPGs from Square soft released for the Nintendo systems especially Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy.

Instead of explaining what the game is all about I suggest you register your own account and start playing.

In order to play the game you must register a personal account. Registration is free of charge and is neccessary if you want to save your progress in the game. If you are uncertain whether you should register or not you can login using demo as both the username and password to get a sneak peak of what the game has to offer.
All information can be found at the forum.
The team
Ruben Bolink
Jens Nyberg